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About me, that is:

who am I?

Without being too transcendental, Amador Alzaga Palacios, now "I", or "the author", I am, first and foremost, a black hole that swallows all the knowledge that goes beyond my horizon of events.

It is my main food and really I enjoy greatly whenever I learn something new.

I am a senior engineer specialist in electricity, degree I got, not without effort, at the school of industrial engineering and telecommunications of Bilbao, which I keep good memories despite the harshness that characterize it...

I grew up in Salas de los Infantes, a village in Burgos (no, forgive me!, city, and also thousands of years old), and there, during my childhood in the 70's, I had the opportunity to feel a being human "to old-style', free, in my lonely and daily excursions to all forests and countryside of the area. Very young I learned to appreciate in all its greatness to mother nature, which I am sure that we have a lot to learn.

I was a few hundred meters from some impressive wolves, I witnessed the bridal stop a pair of falcons, climbed up to a huge nest of Stork located in a majestic tree 30 meters height and, by the hand of master Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente documentary, emerged my fascination for birds of prey. Finally, experiences that make one and consider a true gift that I feel greatly satisfied.

Also from an early age I had a special affinity for all that machinery that is in my field of vision, especially if there was electricity from through. I will always remember with great affection and nostalgia visits, along with my grandfather Antonio, at the intricate and bustling inside of the now defunct factory of flour "La Serrana", with all that tireless machinery that much I got fascinated...