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After looking around in my digital file I recovered files from the website that I created at that time dedicated to this unique device. Click here to visit it

Currently I have the privilege of enjoying of the practice of the noble art of falconry with my two Falcons.Some video footage obtained during trainings in flight and subsequently edited and assembled can be viewed on  my Youtube Channel.

Projects and hobbies

There are several branches of knowledge from the most early childhood I motivate to investigate, learn, design, program, and construct.These activities together with the enjoyment of the wonders of nature that surround us, many times we are aware of it, and good company are my vital engine in this not always easy journey that everyone is up...


In this my humble Web site you can find information about me, my projects and experience.

Probably it will not grow as fast as I would like to, but I'll try to update it as much as possible.

Tesla Coils

In 1999, while I was finishing my engineering studies, I had knowledge of the impressive work of the never sufficiently recognized genius Nikola Tesla. immediately I decided to build my first Tesla coil, a device capable of create arcing of hundreds of thousands of volts.

Art of Falconry

I have always felt a great passion for the animal world, especially for birds, surely for his incredible ability to challenge to the force of gravity and fly freely.  But the Raptors have always been my favorite, especially the Peregrine Falcon, a perfect flying machine.